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The HSM Alumni Association hosts annual awards and events throughout the year.  See below for more information.

HSM Alumni of the Year Award:

The winner of the 2021 HSM Alumni Association’s Distinguished Alumni Award is Paul Kempinski, MS ‘84/HSM!

Paul is President and CEO, Children's Mercy, Kansas City, and a long-standing supporter of the HSM program.  Full press release is available here.

Past award winners of the HSM Distinguished Alumni Award include:

  • 2019 Tamara Smith (class of 1982)
  • 2018 Rhea Begeman (class of 1990)
  • 2017 Todd Fitz (class of 1996)
  • 2016 John Steiner (class of 1983)
  • 2015 Richard Bajner (class of 2006)
  • 2014 Jennifer (Bever) O’Connor (class of 1997)
  • 2013 Briana Jegier (class of 2003)
  • 2012 Jason Girzadas (class of 1994)
  • 2011 Mary Katherine Krause (class of 1994)
  • 2010 Mary Malone (class of 1985)
  • 2009 Samuel F. Hohmann (class of 1988)
  • 2008 Karl Matuszewski (class of 1987)
  • 2003 Delores Clement (class of 1981)

The HSMAA 2nd Year Scholarship Award:

The HSMAA Scholarship Award is a $1,000 scholarship presented to a second year HSM student to recognize and reward an individual who has demonstrated significant academic achievement and leadership ability.

Funds for the scholarship are the result of alumni donations to the HSM Endowed Scholarship Fund.

2019 winner:

2019: Taylor Rolder

2018: Kaila Mitchell

2017: Allison Parker

Interested in participating on the HSM Alumni Committee to help select next year's winner?  Email us!

HSMAA Events at a Glance:

This past 2018-19 year, the HSMAA hosted social events listed below:

  • HSM Alumni Welcome to the Class of 2020: September 2018
  • HSMAA Happy Hour at HighLine: January 2019
  • ACHE Congress Reception: March 2019
  • Summer outing at the Butler's: For MS-HSM Alumni only: June 23 2019
  • HSM Alumni Welcome to the Class of 2021: 9/5/2019

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