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SUPPORT for the center

Startup of both the Center and the HSM Learning Communities were made possible though funding the Rush MS-HSM department received from leadership development programs and workshops supported by the HSM faculty.  In 2018, the HSM Alumni Association provided funds to establish the Center's web presence and HSM Learning Communities portal.  In 2019, thanks to generous philanthropic support from the Graham Family, the Center was able to expand its activities to include alumni anniversary events and an ongoing webinar series. 

Additional projects currently or recently receiving external support include:

    • Spiritual Care in Healthcare: Identifying Decision-Makers’ Perspectives  (The Carpenter Foundation)
    • Spiritual Care Leadership Development program (Transforming Chaplaincy)

The Center also benefits from relationships with organizations such as National Center for Healthcare Leadership and the U.S. Cooperative for International Patient Programs, in collaborative pursuit of research agendas relevant to their missions.

In 2020, the Center will explore expanding its portfolio of activity by establishing a corporate membership program.  If your organization may be interested in participating in the Center's work, please contact our Center director, Andy Garman.

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